How to Rank Your Products on Amazon?

Price, availability, selection, and sales history, these are all deciding factors on How to Rank Your Products on Amazon? Also, Amazon continuously shuffles the search results to more evenly promote products in a balance manner. This means that better selling products tend to be towards the beginning of the search list, so as your sales increase, you can expect your products to appear more frequently towards the beginning of the search rank results.

How to Rank Your Products on Amazon? - Amazon Product Ranking Factors:

Tips on how to tackle Amazon A9’s ranking factors one at a time and improve SEO results systematically:

#1: Product Title

Product Title

Make sure you enter all relevant details in your title, putting the name of the product first. Do avoid overstuffing your titles with keywords.

Amazon recommends including following in your title:


    • Product
    • Brand
    • Quantity
    • Material
    • Color

#2: Product keywords

Product Keywords

Choose the best product keywords and the best way to do that is to find the most successful products in your category and then extract the keywords from there. Choose the top 3 or 4 products which are most highly ranked in your category and which have the highest number of reviews and find through them for the most relevant keywords to you. Once you have prepared a list, Use tools which tell you a product’s search volume on Amazon such as MerchantWords. Now you have a perfect list of relevant keywords which are sure to generate you high search volume.



#3: Stock supply

Stock Supply

Always make sure that your products are in supply in order to not get failed in search results.


If you are an independent seller on Amazon – sourcing, storing and shipping all by yourself then make sure to always be on top of inventory and stay in constant contact with your suppliers in order to avoid stock deficits.

#4: Pricing

Price Details

Before product pricing or even after your product goes live check how your competitors is pricing identical products. Creating large gaps is harmful to your business interest. Try to always match or beat your competitor’s pricing. Do watch out for ‘bidding wars’ who have very big operations and often lower prices to unreasonable amounts in order to beat competitors’.

#5: Images


Amazon has a zoom functionality on images so that customers can take a closer look at products photos. They recommend using large images which are at least 1000 pixels either in height or width. High quality images have long been associated with higher levels of sales and therefore influence search results rankings.

What is Amazon’s A9 Algorithm and how does it function? - Rank Your Products on Amazon


Amazon A9 runs the website’s product search box which displays product results for searching customers. This algorithm decides which products to display and how high those products will rank based on a range of criteria:

  • Relevance to search words.
  • Previous customer behavior and preferences.
  • Quantity of past purchases of a specific product.



Anyone who is a seller on Amazon knows the importance of being favored by Amazon’s search engine and that appearing high in search results page is crucial to success. Products which do not appear on the first page will not be seen by most of the shoppers who will never scroll past the first page. Some shoppers don’t even make it past the first three search listings. 

Which factor’s influence the search result rankings on Amazon’s A9 ?

Amazon A9

There are two main factors which have a large influence on your ranking on Amazon:

1.   Explicit –

·         Text Relevance – Includes the product title and description

·         Stock supply – If you are out of stock then your listing may be pushed very far down the list or it may disappear.

·         Price – A large gap in pricing with competitors may put you into disadvantage

2.   Inexplicit –


·         Sales velocity – The more products you sell, the higher you will rank on Amazon as your success. 



Amazon has developed its own algorithm to rank the products according to the keywords used. This algorithm is known as A9. A9 looks for certain few factors that can play an important role in ranking of the product. This includes sales history of the product, relevancy of the keyword, price, and the stock availability as some of the factors that can help in product ranking. Reviews of the products, promotions, and the images used in the description of the product are also important. 

Amazon seo tools

Keyword Tool For Amazon

Amazon Keyword Tool

Millions of people use Amazon for online shopping to find and buy products that they like. If you are an Amazon seller, you have to figure out what are those products and how to find them? The answer is – Keyword Tool.

Keyword Tool uses Amazon autocomplete (or search suggestion feature) to generate a large number of relevant keywords that can be used for Amazon listing keyword optimization.

You can use Keyword Tool absolutely free. However the paid version of Keyword Tool – Keyword Tool Pro provides on average 2 times more Amazon keywords in comparison to the free version. 

Amazon Listing Quality Check & Optimization Tool

  • SellerApp’s Amazon Listing Quality check uses various complex algorithms and statistics data in order to provide the best listing quality of the product and makes it effortless for the potential customers to find out various details relating to their listed products on Amazon. SellerApp’s Listing Quality check also helps the potential consumers in finding out the various aspects that can help them in increasing the listing rank of their product and thus help in increasing the sales of the product.
  •  In my previous blogs, I have discussed on Digital Marketing for Small Business Owners and Digital Marketing Tips for Startups & Small Business and how Amazon is impacting small business sales. If you’re a seller on Amazon, this means that the rankings on Amazon are the most important success factors for your sales of business: The higher you can rank, the more you can sell!



§  Maximum Revenue Per Customer) is Amazon’s topmost priority .

§  The Amazon Ranking algorithm (A9) uses conversion rate, Product relevance and customer satisfaction to rank products.

§  Fill out as much of your product listing page as possible, using as many optimized keywords as possible.


§  Find ways to encourage customer reviews, and do everything you can to keep your customers happy.

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