How to Speed Up Android Phone Internet

Have you ever wondered if your Internet could be faster on your Android device? Buffering between videos, the high waiting period in opening a single page, and other slow things on the Internet can be irritating. We always wanted to Speed Up Android Phone Internet as we use our apps or surf online, so seeing our connection become slower will always be irritating to us. But, with a few third-party apps, our Internet speed can be a bit faster.

Internet Speed

According to the August 2019 Speedtest Global Index, published by, India was ranked 70th out of 176 countries by average fixed broadband speed and 131st out of 145 countries by average mobile internet speed. The average fixed broadband download speed in India is 31.59 Mbit/s and the average fixed broadband upload speed is 28.93 Mbit/s. Speedtest recorded the average download speed on mobile connections in India as 10.65 Mbit/s and average upload speed of 4.23 Mbit/s

While India’s mobile internet speed improved marginally during the year, registering a year-on-year growth rate of 15.2 percent, fixed broadband speed grew 50.4 percent, according to a report by internet speed testing and analysis firm Ookla.


  • The global average broadband internet speed is 11.03Mbps (megabits per second).
  • Taiwan has the fastest internet speed in the world overtaking Singapore with an average speed of 85.02Mbps.
  • Yemen has the slowest internet speed in the world with an average speed of just 0.38Mbps.
  • It would take over 30 hours to download a 5GB movie file in Yemen while someone in Taiwan could do it in eight minutes.
  • The five countries with the fastest internet have download speeds around 125 times faster than the five slowest.
  • 37 of the 50 countries with the fastest internet are located in Europe, with 10 in Asiaor Oceania (Asia-Pacific), two in North America and just one in Africa.
  • 141 countries have average speeds below 10Mbps, a speed deemed by UK telecoms watchdog Ofcomto be the minimum required to cope with the demands of a typical family or small business.

Why is internet so slow in India and the service so bad?

4G Speeds in 20 if Indias Largest Cities

When looking at the 20 largest cities in India, Chennai is the fastest with a mean download speed over fixed broadband that’s 57.7% faster than India’s as a whole. Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Delhi all score above the country’s average.

The slowest of these large cities, Patna, was 62.4% slower than the country’s average for mean download speed. Nagpur, Jaipur, Kanpur, and Ahmedabad round out the bottom five. It’s also notable that the download speeds of Kanpur, Lucknow, Pune and Nagpur are significantly slower than that of their respective states.

Tips & Tricks on How to Speed Up Android Phone Internet

1) Clear the Cache in Your Phone

Clean Master

If you have been facing slow Internet speed in your phone and have no idea on how to make your phone internet faster, then you must check the cache on your smartphone. Generally, the internet speed in the smartphone gets slow or poor due to the filling up of the cache memory in the mobile phones after accessing various websites and downloading the different apps on the phone. Therefore, users must clear the cache memory of their mobile phones to boost mobile internet speed.

There are tons of apps on the Google Play Store that automatically do this for you (e.g. Clean Master).

Uninstall the Unnecessary Apps

You must look into the app list of your mobile phone and should inspect which apps are important for you and which are not. The presence of several useless and unwanted apps in the smartphone tends to lower the performance of the mobile phone in terms of speed and Internet connection. 

Therefore, to speed up mobile data, users can delete or uninstall all the unnecessary apps from their mobile phones. Some unwanted apps running in the background will keep utilizing your processor, thus making your device slower. Hold the Menu key to get a listing of apps that are currently running on your device. You can kill the ones you don’t need. After doing this, you can refresh your smartphone by clearing the excess cache memory.

3) Your smartphone capabilities

If you are using an old smartphone, your device may not support 3G. It might also be possible that you may not have turned on your 3G/4G network under the ‘Preferred network type’ in SIM settings, which could solve your problem. 

So I have a solution which I too use for my slow internet speeds:

1.(5–10) kbps: Use UC mini for browsing.

2.(15–20) kbps: Use Opera/Opera mini for browsing.

3.(30–40) kbps: Use Uc Browser/Google Chrome for browsing.

4) Use Data Saver in Chrome

If you’re like most Android users, you’re still using the Chrome Browser that’s the default from Google. But you can make it even better with Data Saver. It doesn’t just save data, it also means faster browsing.

Open Chrome and tap the three dots on the top right. Head to Settings > Data Saver and toggle it to on.

5) Restart the Phone or Tablet

Put it to use with your phone or tablet occasionally. A restart can clear caches and clean up the system for a new faster start.

The Final Option

If all else fails and your Android phone or tablet is running unbearably slow, go for a factory reset. Your apps and data disappear and the phone returns to its original factory condition.

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